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E-Wha Foam Backer Rod is a non-crosslinked closed cell foam which makes it the most effective and efficient back-up and filler material. It does not degenerate when it comes into contact with petrochemicals and other inorganic solutions. E-Wha Foam Backer Rod is low density, odorless, lightweight, flexible, water and humidity resistant, powder free and 100% recyclable. 


E-Wha Foam Backer Rod is available in the following sizes:

od6mm x 3.5m 

od8mm x 3.5m

od10mm x 3.5m

od12mm x 3.5m

od15mm x 3.5m

od20mm x 3.5m

od25mm x 3.5m

od30mm x 3.5m

od35mm x 3.5m 

od38mm x 3.5m 

od40mm x 3.5m

The appropriate sizes of E-Wha Foam Backer Rods should be used as gaskets, fillers and back-up materials as follows:

*Windows and sash frames top prevent vibration of glass panes.

*Expansion joints on rooftops, in tunnels, subways, runway, bridges, etc., to ensure that sealants remain in place.

*Joints in waterways, water reservoir, swimming pool sewage systems, precipitation tanks, etc., to prevent liquid seepage.

*Windows frames and joints in automobiles, trains, containers, aircraft, etc., to prevent leakage.


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