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​      E-WHA Foam Phils., Inc., is established in 1990 through a joint venture between Filipino entrepreneurs and Korean party long engaged and pioneered in the technology of plastic extrusion in Korea. The company has initiated the manufacture of quality polyethylene foam materials following strict Underwriter's Laboratories Inc. (UL) safety and quality standards.

       The finished products are used extensively in residential, commercial and industrial roofing insulation, moisture barriers, sound proofing, gap fillers for building joints and windows, thermal insulation for air-con ducts and fittings; specialized packaging for IC's semiconductors and other sensitive audio/video products, packaging for export-quality fruits and

vegetables , are listed among other applications.

       However, on 05 February 1997 a tragic intervention happened. Fire ruined the factory located at Lot 36 DBP Avenue, FTI Complex, Taguig, Metro Manila. The company was non-operational for several months which paved the way for the immediate rehabilitation and construction of new facilities. The company resumed commercial operation last November 16,1997 and gained re-accreditation with the Board of Investments because of the advanced method of manufacturing technology currently being implemented. The modernization was done in response to the government's call for local companies to achieve global competitiveness stature brought about by the trade liberalization policy enunciated by the GATT and the CEPT-AFTA.



E-WHA Foam Phils., Inc., is committed to be

the leading company excelling in the production, marketing and services of our environmental friendly polyethylene foam products. Furthermore, be the invincible manufacturer in view of production technology, quality development, customized processes, price competitiveness and servicing at least 100 globally recognized valued costumers.


Over 30 years, E-WHA Foam

brand has been identified with quality, reliability and distinction. While continuing this, we will strive to be the world class supplier of total packaging materials

and its applications.


E-WHA Foam will provide the

best service to our customers in the most profitable manner possible over the long term. We will provide an environment that allows our company and our people to improve and grow, passing on to future generations a company with an outstanding reputation for customer service, profitability and quality. Through the goals we have set,  we believe we can provide an improved quality of life through our work and community effort.

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