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Polyethylene foam products are materials extruded into various shapes and configuration via heat and compression, extrusion process. The composition shall be a non-cross linked and closed cells derived from low density polyethylene resin which are melted via heat and compression process and extruded with butane as foaming agent and mixed / infused with hi-cell, anti-shrinkage chemicals to product molecules and bubbles and when hardened becomes the finished product.

Various sizes and shapes can be processed as finished products depending on available sizes of extruder and dies.

Characteristics of the product:

  • High Resiliency

  • Effective insulating capability

  • High Buoyant Effect

  • Water resistant prevents moisture migration

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Non-reactive and safe to handle during installation

  • Non-toxic and environmental friendly

  • Easy to cut and process: heat-sealing, bonding, laminating, printing, etc.

  • Excellent flexibility

  • Recyclable and Reusable

PE Foam sheets plain white or with Anti-Static

 PE FOAM Sheets are wavy due to the natural characteristics of the circular shaped of extrusion die. PE FOAM sheets can be laminated with HDPE film or other related packaging products

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