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Bubble Foam Packaging



Air Cellular Packaging Material is made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) resins. It is commonly known in the market as BUBBLE WRAP, BUBBLE PACK OR  BUBBLE PACKAGING. The material is an extremely lightweight and normally comes in rolls, bags, sheets and cut-to-size. Manufacturing starts through extrusion process then laminated and trap the air in the bubbles, producing plastic sheets with sealed air on it.

Air Bubble Wrap is a very light plastic material suitable to protect fragile items such as computers, ceramics and electronic parts.  Saves you money by providing better protection and less space needed for packaging.  Anti-static additives can be mixed as required by the clients.


a.     Cushioning  -  The product is extremely lightweight and durable material that works                                                  well for packaging purposes.  It absorbs shock to keep fragile items safe.

b.     Wrapper  -  The material is wrapped around the product to provide better protection                                             during shipment.

c.     Static Protection  -   Anti-static additives are added to the product for ESD-sensitive                                                          applications.

d.     Mailers/Pouches  -  Air Cellular Plastic sheets can be converted into mailer/pouches                                                        by laminating kraft papers.

e.     Bag Types  -  Sensitive items like electronic parts are so sensitive requiring bags to               

                              protect it.  Air Cellular Plastic sheets are sealed together to form a bag type


f.      Liners  -  To protect highly sensitive items during transport, sheet type can be inserted                                      to serve as liners for every product shipment.

g.     Insulation  -  The material can be laminated with aluminum foil for heat/cold insulation 


Clear and Anti-Static Pink --- 2ply and 3ply